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    Music to fit your every Creation:

You imagine the world,

                      I evoke the emotion.

Nick Esposito VIII is a classically trained composer who is comfortable writing for all mediums and for any size or type of ensemble. Video games to concert works, orchestra to choir to electronic; whatever you want, Nick can do it.

Richard O'Connell

RMO Productions


"Mr. Esposito's music is always of the highest quality, and he never ceases to amaze me with every work he produces."

Alexander Reich

Game Designer


“WOW! Nick is always a pleasure to work with, and he really takes our games to the next level! (Get it? Next level? Oh, I'm hilarious)"

Marianne Skinner



“The creations that Mr. Esposito has presented to me have always been of the highest quality. He's the best, bar none."

Dr. Cindy Bell

Director, Hofstra Univerity Choir


“Nick's manipulation of time, harmony, and the human voice are superb. The choir loved singing his Kyrie in concert!”

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