From purely orchestral scores to hybrid to purely electronic, from three minute short film to full feature length picture, Mr. Esposito is able to fulfil whatever needs you may have.


The example shown is an orchestral score composed for a short nature film titled "Ebb and Flow", recorded at AIR Lyndhurst in London, UK.



Nick has been trained in all kinds of video game scoring techniques, including looping, layering, and branching, as well as in sound design, Foley, and ambience creation.


The example here is an audio capture from the low-intensity exploration music to the Forest of Olly: Dusty Memories. It utilizes branching and layering techniques for the musical score, and a random generative ambience for the sound design. All music was sequenced by Mr. Esposito using Kontakt 5, and all the audio was implemented into game using Wwise and the Unreal Engine.



Mr. Esposito is a classically trained composer with degrees in classical composition and theory, with experience in writing in a wide array of style periods and genres from Baroque to Mondern, from Motet to Minimalism. Nick is equally comfortable composing for full symphony orchestra as he is for solos, duos, or trios.


The example shown is a piece titled "Apsis", a minimalist string orchestra piece, based around the idea of apsis; the furthest and closest points of an elliptical orbit of a celestial body. The piece is simultaneously tonal and bi-tonal, as the voices move in mirror, pivoting in the space between the first and second violas playing distinct unrelated chords that act independently, yet play off each other. The harmony is constantly in slightly-altered mirror with itself, as is the motion of the lines. Apsis was premiered by the Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra in 2013




In addition to his training as an orchestral composer, Nick also loves composing new works for choir. He has written works for vocal ensembles ranging from four sopranos with chamber orchestra accompaniament to a capella SSAATTBB mixed symphonic choir


The example shown is his Kyrie in Ab, from his first requiem mass for SSAATTBB mixed choir. This movement is accompanied by solo piano. Kyrie in Ab was premiered by the Hofstra University Chorale and Chamber Singers in 2012.